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New Years Resolutions

Images capture special moments with loved ones. Whether it’s a candid shot of your daughter giving the dog a big hug or a perfectly posed family portrait with everyone dressed to the nines, pictures tell the story of a life well lived.

In the new year, make a resolution to take more photos, both at a professional studio and by yourself at home. Photography of all kinds can become meaningful keepsakes. Time flies, but these images freeze moments that could have great meaning in the future. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

This year, consider a New Year's resolution that will benefit you and your entire family: Take more pictures! It's simple, meaningful and achievable, with a few simple tips.

Keep that camera handy: When you keep your camera near, you're equipped to capture those magic moments, no matter how fleeting. Whether you choose a traditional camera, digital camera or opt for your cellphone camera, keep it within reach as often as possible.

Get in the shot: Make it your goal to get in front of the camera more often. This is particularly important for parents, who often hide behind the lens to focus the attention on the kids. Having the whole family in pictures celebrates your bond and will be cherished years down the road.

Book family portraits: There's something special about professional photographs that show the best of your family. Make sure to schedule your annual family photo session, but think about other special times for professional photos, such as kids' birthdays, graduations, religious celebrations, holidays and anniversaries.

Get creative: When it comes to photography, have fun. Dress up as superheroes. Make silly faces. Recreate a picture from the past. Get the family pet involved. Check out Peaceful Pastures Photography for unique themes.

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